What Our Happy Clients Have To Say
“I love the Thursday sessions because I’m able to interact with my colleagues, share our experiences and learnings, and get to know them better. I really enjoy how we can put in practice and talk about what we learned on the Tuesday session. Also, Carmen and Tony have been doing a great job hosting the session and bringing up questions and scenarios so we can elaborate and discuss in the breakout rooms. It’s been awesome so far!! :)”
“Tony has been a fantastic facilitator, his energy, insightful questions, and how he drives the conversation within the team is really great. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him and with the rest of our group. I have learned a lot and the discussions have helped me clarify my points of view or discover new perspectives. Thank you for a wonderful program.”
“I really like how Carmen drove the conversations and kept us engaged during the discussion sessions! Also, how she built a safe space for us to share our challenges, fears and be vulnerable while growing a support network with the rest of the team members.”
“Tony and Carmen were fantastic facilitators of the summit. They provided beneficial workbooks and discussions that drove differing perspectives and activities to grow and connect with our BRG’s.”
“Carmen and Tony, do a great job at keeping the conversations grounded and authentic. Appreciate their facilitation style.”
“Carmen and Tony were absolutely wonderful! They were excellent at engaging everyone and were both equally exuberant and very poised in their deliveries.”
“The discussions were very engaging, the facilitators did an amazing job fostering community and meaningful discussions.”

“Tony and Carmen were excellent facilitators!  I truly was engaged throughout the two days and enjoyed the interactions. Great work!”

I enjoyed their [Tony and Carmen] energy, the meeting structure and guest speakers and networking/breakout activities.  I was unsure how this virtual event would be delivered, and I am pleased with the final product.”